Monday, 17 June 2013

Jeans: A perfect choice for curvaceous fashionista

Plus size women jeans

Hey friends, this article is exclusively on Jeans for plus size women. That doesn’t mean that it is only useful for my chubby women readers. But, it is equally important for my men readers also to know more about plus size clothing for women. 

Jeans- wears for the best figure”, “Jeans- a perfect choice for perfect people” these themes are out dated now a day. Because, it becomes a style statement  for all the plus size celebrities across the world. Have a look at the outfit of Oprah Winfrey in the picture. This jeans has washed front legs, matching stiches detail with skin-tight style. To get more varieties visit this online store.

There are few tips on choosing a large size jeans for yourselves.

Mid cut dark blue jeans

1. Mid cuts Jeans: 
While selecting plus size jeans, try to avoid Low-cut jeans. As, higher waisted fits are more suitable around your mid-section. Mid-cut jeans can also looks best-fit over low-cut style.

Stretched chinos jeans


    2. Go for Lycra/Stretch jeans: 
    Stretchable jeans is the best way to show-off your voluptuous curves. For a body with loose waistbands, sagging rears jeans with Lycra material will be helpful.


Embroidary pocket jeans

    3. Designers’ Jeans: 
    Try some designers’ jeans on your pudgy body. Generally, it is difficult to find it in retail apparel stores. But, you can get most stylish & exceptionally well designers jeans  on online Stores

4. Accurate length & shape: 
    While, selecting a plus size jeans, you should take care of its length & shape. Inappropriate length can hamper your look & incorrect shape of the jeans on your body may turn into blunder. So, find perfect fit jeans for your body.

Blue jeans with pockets

    5. Opt for Jeans with Pockets: 
    “no pockets” jeans often looks quite off target. Jeans with 3-4 pockets seems descent & stitching pattern on it will add more elegance to your style.

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Monday, 20 May 2013

Tips to choose plus size apparels

Most of our plus size people might be afraid of choosing the right outfits and things to wear. But things get so easily these days, because you could find the nice stuffs from the plus size clothing stores in the online shops

Some key points should remember while choosing plus size apparels.

1. Colour: It is a very crucial factor while deciding to get large size clothing. Generally Black colour gives slimmer appearance & indicated boldness.

 2. Correct fit: More than yours’ clothing style,   correct fit of the outfits on your body is important.   Let your curves be visible to everyone!!!

3. Undergarments: Right selection of undergarments can help you to look attractive. It also minimizes visibility of bulges & wrinkles to look your clothes fit to your body.

Stylish Belts

    4. Suitable Accessories: Accessories for your plus size outfits can be chosen depends on your dresses & body physique. People having long legs are looking gorgeous in stylish & designers belts.

Lycra Shorts

    While short legs people look well in stretched Lycra shorts denims &
 high heels footwear. This kind of
 getup made them look taller than their
sizes & improve their appearance.

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Saturday, 11 May 2013

Perfect Outfits of Large sizes

 Plus size blogging challenges the online community of apparels & our society standards of beauty. 

I found availability of the sizes of the clothing which are present in shops. But, the shops keep limited variety & few options for plus size collection.Check plus size apparels for the clothing at discounted rates. 

Apart from the regular wears, the designers’ wears are also available for chubby women.It is a Sheath Dress with Wide strip. This gives stylish appearance with comforts.
For plus size men, stylish clothes category is as wide as for women. 

Sleeveless Plus size t-shirt with hood

For many retail apparel shops pudgy men are out casted. But, online shopping accepted them & they are now essential part of fashion world. Look at the t-shirt shown below. It is a sleeveless strip t-shirt with hood.
These kinds of shirts look appropriate on plus size men because loose end on the waist & visibility of broad biceps gives masculine appearance. For cool plus size apparels at discounted rates go to This website.

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Monday, 6 May 2013

Online shopping: A Perfect Venue for Large size apparels

Large Size Men Formal Shirts
Hey friends I would like to share this blog with & for those people who find difficult to get the clothes that fit to their sizes. Solution for those is given by online shopping websites. I have been seeing many Plus size people to whom, finding perfect apparels for their sizes is herculean task. Indian & Global apparel market started growing in many under served segments, Such as extra large size clothes for men & women. It is a potential segment. So to gain more market share & optimum profits, all the main players of apparel market started manufacturing the suitable sizes wears for every person. This is win-win situation for both the sides. because plus size people find more variety for their clothes & the manufacturers are generating more revenues.Here, many websites are relieving the pain of the customers. One of the online apparel shopping website is . This website carries so many varieties of the apparels with the plus sizes.                                                                                                                                                                     

To get more varieties for the apparels visit This website.